Locate targeted Chinese customers.

Liaise and help with your business logistics in China.

Help develop your brand specifically for the Chinese market - through specific targeted social media campaigns and cultural knowledge.

Undertake market research to find out what the Chinese customer needs and wants from UK brands.

Help with finding good translators and local culture

Advising UK clients on relevant Chinese trade fairs.


We are a young, fresh and innovative team who are passionate about helping UK businesses reach their target market in China. We have experience in both the Chinese and UK market.

Our CEO was born in China, educated in the UK, and has a vast network of relationships within China. We are growing in the UK - we listen to you and what your target market needs and then we help you reach this audience in China.


China is just not one big market, in fact there are a lot of different regions that have an alternative culture and market. We will help you understand and identify the best Chinese target market and regions to target.

China is going through rapid policy and legislations changes – we will identify and notify you of any policy changes relevant to you and your market in China

We will work closely with you and your brand to ensure that we promote not just the products you sell, but to build brand awareness in China.

Social Media within the growing middles classes of China is very influential and complex. We will help you effectively communicate with your chosen Chinese target market using social media for your campaigns.


Telephone: +44 (0)7575 899399

Email: info@lvxport.com

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